Who We Are

You’re probably asking yourself, “Who is W. D. Stromire and why should I do business with him?” In answering that question, I think my friends and people who know me will say, “Bill Stromire is a guy who never gives up and always strives to do right by others.

He is an accomplished Professional with many years of leadership responsibility in the airline industry, military, and business. Seeing the need small business owners, the self-employed, veterans, and other individuals have for answers in today’s changing medical insurance environment, he developed this website.

Reaching out to top insurance carriers he has brought them here where you have options wherever possible for selecting medical and other insurance which will remain competitive even in the light of the coming mandated exchanges. Having lost his mother to cancer, his father to a heart attack, and a wife and brother to traffic accidents, he empathizes with people and understands their finances and need for insurance.

Wanting to help people through what he has already experienced in life, he always puts the safety and best interest of others before his own. In the past his ventures have included being an Owner/President where, he organized a multi-national team for development of an Internet social community, and as a Captain for Delta Air Lines. Serving as a U. S. Air Force officer flying B-52 aircraft, he was an Operations Officer responsible for national nuclear resources, managing multimillion-dollar equipment and budgets, directing flight training for crew members, and developing timely scheduling practices.

Bill started his career by enlisting in the U. S. Air Force and volunteering for Vietnamese language training in 1973. While at the Defense Language Institute in Washington, D.C. he was granted a full college scholarship under the Airman’s Scholarship and Commissioning Program. Upon graduating from the University of Louisville in 1978 with a BA in Biology and receiving his commission as an Air Force officer, he went on to pilot training.

While a B-52 Instructor/Aircraft Commander he completed his MA in Business Administration through Central Michigan University, as well as Strategic Air Command’s Central Flight Instructor Course, Squadron Officer School, and Air Command and Staff College. Turning down promotion to the rank of Major in 1988, he left the Air Force for pursing an airline career.

Spending 16 years with Delta Air Lines, responsible for hundreds of lives on a daily basis, he retired in 2004.”