Small Business Legal Advice & Services: The Need for Competent Legal Advice

I can’t emphasize enough the need for timely competent legal advice and having an up to date will. About twenty years ago my dad died due to a heart attack. But, his last will and testament was before mom had died and before my youngest brother’s problems had manifested themselves.

Being the oldest, I stepped in. Had I not intervened, the youngest brother would’ve received an amount, which could disqualify him for future benefits he was now receiving under Medicaid. His inheritance money would have to be spent until gone at which time he could reapply for assisted living. But, the state was considering legislation, which would disqualify him.

The other brother and I got into an argument, which went all the way to the Indiana State Supreme Court, where I prevailed and was able to put the funds into the Indiana ARC Trust. All of this expensive arguing could’ve been prevented had our dad possessed an up to date will and discussed it with his sons. Here’s something else you need to understand. My wife was killed in a traffic accident. But, even though I wasn’t there and didn’t ever feel she was at fault, I was sued. My then insurance company hired an attorney to defend me and he did a fantastic job. But, because the insurance company hired him, there were certain things about the case, which he couldn’t tell me.

I had to find and hire another attorney to get my questions answered. So, having an up to date will, a living will, and an available attorney at all times is very important in today’s litigious society. The legal company we represent is the finest one for arranging individual legal services through its network of attorneys today. Having this, the next time you think you would like to ask an attorney a question you won’t hesitate. Your attorney will be available 24/7 for less than it would cost to have another attorney draw up a will.

Oh, the lawsuit, I won that too.