Do You Think You Don’t Need Medical Insurance Coverage for Self-Employed in Dallas? (Part 1)

Medical Insurance Reading stories about people who don’t know what they would have done without medical insurance coverage for self-employed in Dallas, Texas can be a powerful motivation to seriously examine your current insured status.

However, sometimes it’s easy to rationalize that the person in question is only speculating about what could have happened had they not had insurance. How do they know that they would have lost everything, after all?

Today we’ll let Barbara* answer that question. See, Barbara wasn’t as lucky as some people who have related their experience with having medical insurance coverage for self-employed in Dallas. She didn’t have any. Here is her story:

“My name is Barbara and I am a 32 year old single woman. 8 years ago I learned that the rat race just wasn’t for me and set out to create my own small business. Working out of a home office, I was able to pay my bills and even set a little aside every month. After 5 years of saving, I finally had enough to make a down payment on my own home.

Things were going great. I was young, self-motivated, and living the American dream. The one thing I didn’t have was self-employed medical insurance. What did I need with that extra bill? I was healthy and only went to the doctor once per year for a check-up. My insurance premiums for one month would cost more than paying for that visit out of pocket.

I reasoned that the money that I would have spent on medical insurance would have put me years away from being able to purchase a home. Why would I throw my money away like that? It was just an unnecessary expense that I didn’t need.

All that changed last year when a regular check-up revealed a mass in my breast. This resulted in a series of expensive tests, which eventually lead to a diagnosis of breast cancer. I was devastated, both emotionally and financially. How was I going to pay for the treatment I needed?…”

Because Barbara opted out of medical insurance for self-employed in Dallas, she found herself in quite a predicament when faced with the horrifying diagnosis of cancer. Stay tuned for our next post to find out what she had to do in order to secure the medical treatment she required.

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