Small Business Insurance Coverage for Veterans: Something to Assist Today’s Veterans

I remember being based at Minot AFB, ND and Barksdale AFB, LA with two dependents.

If I remember correctly, vision services were fairly available for dependents but dental was on an emergency or space available basis.

The dentists were really there to support the active duty personnel so dependents were pretty much left on their own. Today, I think it is pretty much the same. For those now leaving the military, I know that many of you are having some difficult times.

Still vision and dental care needs have to be addressed.

Humana has come with some plans designed with military and former military members and families in mind.

They have devised a package for Dental coverage and Special Discounts on prescriptions, vision and hearing care, as well as clinical care and more.

Click on for further information on these plans available in most states.